October 18-2010

Fri, 2009-07-10
Largest Chinook: 
Largest Halibut: 

Fishing this past month has been very consistant for both chinook and coho. The begining of July saw great fishing for chinook south of Shearwater at Cultus Sound; we caught our limit of spring 3 days in a row all averaging 20-25 pounds. I went back to Cultus a couple of days ago and all that was there were coho. We are now heading north, targeting the Seaforth Channel and Milbank Sound areas, because the action for salmon, mostly coho, is very hot with the odd nice spring thrown into the mix.

Yesterday was one of the best days of the season so far. I was having trouble keeping multiple rods in the water without one hitting, kept hooking double-headers of coho in the 8-12 lb. range, and we even landed a 15 lb. coho - a huge fish for this time of the year. Amongst all of those coho we also managed pulled out a beautiful 23 lb. champagne chinook. The large chinook are just starting to hit northern BC, so I am expecting those fish to hit our way within the next few weeks!

The fishing in 2009 is looking very promising. Last year, we did not start to see good action until the middle of July and already this year we are getting action like a great day in August! The salmon fishing has been so great that we’ve yet to make a serious try for halibut, but we are looking to remedy that very soon and will let you know how good the action is.

Hope to see you in Shearwater soon enjoying some of this great fishing action!

— Trevor

October 18-2010
October 18-2010